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Denplan dentist payment plan

Price Comparison for Denplan & Private 'Pay-as-you-go'.
Can Denplan save you money?

Features and benefits included in the monthly fee as a Denplan Essentials A Plan Member are: 2 examinations; 2 hygiene appointments; all clinically required intra - oral radiographs; supplementary 24 hour worldwide emergency dental insurance; no emergency call out charges.

You will receive a 10% discount off our private fee guide for extractions, fillings, root canal therapy; extra -oral X-rays (OPG) etc and a 20% discount on all treatments involving laboratory work i.e. crowns, bridges and dentures.

The monthly fee is £16.04 per month {£192.48 per year) with family discounts from 5% available if there is more than one person on the same direct debit.

Private 'Pay-as-you-go' fees

Examination: £42.00 X 2 = £84.00
Hygiene appointments: £56.00 X 2 = £112.00
Radiographs: £11.00 X 2 = £22.00
Total annual cost: = £218.00

Private patients are charged £110 for out of hour's appointments and no discounts on treatment fees.

If you require any further information about Denplan or Private Fees please do not hesitate in speaking with a member of our team. They will be happy to discuss the best service provision to suit your individual needs.

We are excited to introduce DENPLAN FOR CHILDREN

A simple way to keep young mouths healthy.
Birchington Dental Care has your dental health and wellness at the centre of the care we provide. We promote minimally invasive treatments and are committed to preventive care, focusing on you and your family's long-term dental and general health. Many of you already benefit from Denplan Essentials, our popular in-house payment plan that allows predictable monthly payments to help you budget wisely for your private dental care. We passionately believe the earlier your children learn how to look after their teeth and gums, the better their chances of keeping them for life, especially as our life expectancy is increasing. As a child develops, their teeth and oral health can change rapidly. Information and advice on preventive dentistry can help stop problems before they start.

Denplan for Children offers: 2 annual check-ups, dental health advice and education, preventive treatments, dental X-rays, scale and polish, discounts off fillings and sports guards. Your children will have the opportunity of spending time with our Oral Health Educator, Charlotte Lami, who will offer a one to one education session in an informal and fun setting. She will demonstrate basic dental hygiene techniques and provide fluoride treatments to support children with their home dental care. This will help build a long-term relationship between your child and the practice professionals to facilitate a gentle introduction to treatments and improve the whole experience at the practice. At the next appointment Dr Dee Chauhan, Dr Gita Sharma and Dr Edit Muranyi will discuss the options and clinically assess your child's future dental needs in order to provide a tailored plan.

Denplan for children costs as little as £1.15 per week and includes Denplan Supplementary Insurance Services providing 24 hour UK and worldwide dental emergency and accidental injury cover. Family discounts are also available.

More information can be found at: If you have any questions or require any further information ahead of your child's examination, please email

We look forward to continuing caring for your smiles and watching your little ones grow.

Team BDC