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Patient Reviews & Testimonials

"This dental practice was recommended to us and we are so pleased we chose to come here. The practitioners and staff are all friendly and welcoming and the treatment received has been first class. I now attend without feeling nervous and am confident that treatment is gentle and pain free. "
Carol Frost

"Charlotte Lami, the Oral Health Educator was fantastically helpful in improving my brushing technique."
Dr. Wilson

"A first-class friendly service from the BDC team. Jodie, the hygienist is superb. All the staff are very helpful and pleasant at all times."
Nigel Mather

"I have been a patient of Dee's for several years and have always been impressed by her attentiveness during check-ups and treatment. This was particularly evident at the end of 2022 when she fast-tracked me to East Kent Hospital's Maxillofacial Department to investigate a swelling on the roof of my mouth which turned out to be a Follicular Lymphoma. I have since received hospital treatment and will be regularly monitored in future.
I am most grateful for her prompt action."

Name withheld

"The practice has taken care to note a cause for concern relating to skin care and obtained a referral for me to the hospital, in addition to the efficient and punctual conduct of the regular treatment appointments judged necessary for me at this time, as has been the case throughout my years as a patient."
Father John Panario

"I would like to make known my deep satisfaction with the way I am ministered to in this dental practice. As a child, my experiences were always agonising - which coloured my reactions to my adult dental visits for many years. However, over the time I have been attending, I was always well cared for. During the last thirteen years, while Dee has been ministering to my needs, I have finally stopped dreading my visits. Her calm, quiet and encouraging manner are a tonic before she even begins. I know she will be thorough and I am now convinced she will make my experience as comfortable as possible – and I can cope with whatever I need to , with the confidence now.
I have a tendency towards high blood pressure, but although I don’t think it will be as low as when I’m doing my embroidery each day, it would certainly be at acceptable levels – and that, for me, is a mini miracle!"

Jennie Burgess

Dental surgery at night

"I have been with this practice for over 5 years, having moved from my last dentist who failed to satisfy me with the quality and the cost of care. I have attended numerous visits to restore my teeth and hygiene levels to where it should be. I have experienced first class care, painless treatment at a very acceptable cost. Dee has been nothing short of outstanding, and I strongly recommend her care as well as that of all the staff at the practice.
If you are unsure about Denplan, then don't be, IT WORKS! Well done to all at this practice, the best practice in the area."

Matthew Elmore

"I don't know how to begin to thank you enough for the care you have given me with my teeth. I don't think there is another dentist in the land I could have trusted to do it.
Throughout the whole process you have been so patient and reassuring and have really understood me. Your professionalism, standards of care and quality of work are second to none.
It is such a daunting process going into something like this, especially weighing up the financial implications, but I have absolutely no doubt I have done the right thing. Thank you for allowing me to breathe that sigh of relief, look at my perfect teeth and know it was the right thing to do. I am thrilled with my teeth.
I am aware I’ve taken up so much of your unpaid time, All those extra hours you have worked in order to fit me in, talking me through things, answering my many questions. You are amazing! Thank you Dee, so very, very much!"


"Greeted by name at reception by a warm and friendly team with excellent patient care and well-being. Continuity of care and reassurance is key to knowing I will see a friendly face, my dentist Dee. Dee has been my family dentist for 20 years. Dee listens and understands my individual needs building a good relationship and trust. Dee has the ability to put me at ease with her calm and caring manner. Works with efficiency, talking me through the procedure in a timely manner. Observes anxiety, stopping for breaks where needed. Dee always gives you all the treatment options available without pressure helping you decide what’s in your best interest. I would highly recommend the practice especially if you have dental phobia."
Jenny Wicks

If you are a nervous patient or have put off visiting the dentist for some time, then this is the dental practice for you! I am not a nervous person by nature (over 30 years in the Fire & Rescue Service) and yet I hated going to the Dentist. I avoided attending and it was very much a last resort. I only visited the dentist 3 times in 30 years. Finally, I plucked up the courage to book an appointment and I decided to try this practice which was recommended to me. Obviously, my teeth are not in good shape after so long without professional care. A treatment plan was suggested and essential works including an extraction were done. I was expecting to be told that a few teeth would need extraction, but to my surprise I was advised that the extraction is a last resort and it was felt that my teeth and bleeding gums could be managed and improved.
Eight years later I have only had 2 extractions and a filling at the practice. My teeth are the best they have been in 30 years with improved dental health. The work of my Dentist and Hygienist coupled with education about teeth care has had a dramatic effect. I now have minimal bleeding gums and a healthier mouth.
My phobia has dentistry could have resulted in me losing my teeth prematurely. Thanks to this practice and their encouragement I can now visit without anxiety, and I have confidence that I will suffer no pain at the most mild discomfort.
The team are a credit to healthcare. I cannot recommend them more highly. For me as a dental phobic patient they have been excellent. I can say without a doubt that this very busy practice puts their patients first!

Lloyd Morgan (60 years)

I have been a patient at this practice for 8 years. The level of customer service I have received from the receptionists is professional and friendly. I am severely visually impaired with 15% vision and a guide dog owner. I used to be petrified of dentists but since attending this practice and seeing Dee I have managed to overcome my fears. Dee is a lovely person who over time I have come to trust. Dee explains everything she is going to do and the appointment is never rushed. There is always time to ask many questions about treatment which are answered honestly. I certainly now would never attend another practice and would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist who care and understand their patients. Thankyou to everyone at this practice.
Linda Johnson

A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.
He is not dependant on us. We are dependent on him.
He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it.
He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it.
We are not doing him a favour by serving him.
He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

Mahatma Gandhi